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Ethereum's robustness

The scale of stablecoins has increased by 5 times. In the past year, the total issuance scale of stablecoins represented by USDT rose from 6 billion US dollars at the end of 2019 to 27 billion US dollars, an increase of 5 times. We believe that the rapid development of Ethereum-based deneutralized applications (DApps) represented by financial services sEthereum's robustnessuch as MakerDAO and Uniswap has promoted the continuous increase in demand for stablecoins. Looking ahead to 202, we believe that stablecoins such as USDT will become increasingly stable as universal payment methods in digital asset transactions. But it remains to be seen whether global stablecoins (GSC) such as Libra can be commercialized on a large scale.

According to incomplete statistics, in the 11 years, Bitcoin has been declared dead 379 times, but it turns out that none of these hundreds of death declarations can destroy Bitcoin. Of course, the rise of Bitcoin price has experienced many complete bull-bear cycles, and the market performance of Bitcoin price rising to 20,000 USD and then quickly falling back to 3,000 USD is still vivid, and the reason Bitcoin can survive this challenge again and again, and believers in the community have played a decisive role.

According to data from the blockchain monitoring company Chainalysis, in January, miners generated 5,955 bitcoins, and 4,451 bitcoins flowed into exchanges, generating 79% of MRI data. According to Morris, historically, when miners sell less than their mining volume, the rate of return is very low; when miners sell more than their mining volume, the rate of return is high.

According to CryptoQuant CEO KiYoungJu, miners sold a large amount of Bitcoin on December 10. Although Ki is still optimistic about the Bitcoin price in January next year, he explained that this may be a worrying trend for the foreseeable future. He said:

There is a saying that increasing the number of confirmations can compensate for the impact of declining incentive subsidies on Bitcoin security. But the model built by Hasu, James Prestwich and BrandonCurtis shows that even more block confirmations cannot guarantee the security of Bitcoin.

According to ChainHillCapital's statistics, there are currently at least 23 companies holding Grayscale Bitcoin trust shares, including crypto lending companies, hedge funds, mutual funds, private wealth companies, consulting companies, and family offices. Among them, Rothschild has also appeared. German investment company (RothschildInvest), femaEthereum's robustnessle version of Buffett CatherineWood founded Ark Investment (ARKInvest) figure.

In this case, the so-called "synthetic central bank digital currency" (synthetic central bank digital currency) may be more mature and more advantageous than the native central bank digital currency that needs to participate in multiple links in the payment chain. For the central bank, the native central bank digital currency is both expensive and risky, because it will push the central bank into many unfamiliar areas, such as brand management, application development, technology selection, and customer interaction.